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The violation of any of the codes below may result in expulsion from Pendulum Ink without a refund of tuition. 

Obscene images, videos, or sound recordings are not permitted on campus. 

No bullying, or disrespectful actions towards other members allowed. 

Do not post or message images or videos of anything incriminating. 

Hate speech of any kind is prohibited. 

Refrain from posting or private messaging nude images or videos. 

Participants in the Rhymecology class are not permitted to share information, videos, or recordings from course sessions. 

The sharing of Pendulum Ink class lessons, lexicon techniques, or intellectual property in the virtual campus or in any public or private realm (including social media, text messages, and email) is not allowed, unless it’s shared privately with a fellow classmate who is currently enrolled. 

Mute yourself upon entry.

Screenshots and the recording of classes are not permitted. 

The ZOOM chat is public, so keep conversations respectful and relevant to the topic at hand. Please be mindful of the language you use. 

All participants must be fully clothed during class time. 

Be kind to your peers and refrain from disrespectful outbursts.

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