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Access to 1 Elective Class *This Is 1 Class Only*

  • 50 US dollars

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ELECTIVES CREATIVE WRITING - Workshop techniques focused on enhancing students creative writing process that involves the invention, structuring, revision, and performance of complete works. By the end of this course students will submit at least 1 item for publication to a legitimate publishing house. COMIKBOOK CONTENT CREATION - Discover innovative ways of creating brand content + engagement with fans across different social media platforms in order to generate an organic following to their pages. BATTLE RAP 101 - The foundational cultural knowledge of modern day battle rap is explored through the various skill sets that exist within it. Special guests from the battle rap world will be featured to teach the many styles and approaches used in battle rap. CRIMINOLOGY IN HIP HOP - Criminology through the lens of the world’s most revolutionary art-form, Hip Hop, is explored in a study of its components with a spotlight on its cultural implications/connections. Students will analyze how disparities in race, class and gender directly affect laws, courts, policing and corrections. HIP HOP ACCORDING TO FINANCE - Students are taught how to navigate in the music world from the perspective of business and finance. To sustain a successful career in music requires budgeting and financial planning to create sustainable growth and longevity in a career full of rapid changes and uncertainty. EVOLUTION OF RHYME IN HIP-HOP - Join us on a journey through Hip-Hop history as we trace the evolution of rhyme in rap. This class will follow the patterns, style and techniques used by pioneering emcees and legendary lyricists who paved the way for generations of writers to come. THE VISUAL AESTHETICS OF HIP HOP - Explore the history of hip hop culture’s visual art-forms such as graffiti, graphic/ product design, fashion, in case studies of music, videos, text, and guest speaker interviews. PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS - This course provides an opportunity for students to perform their verses and songs for their professors and peers. Each participant will receive constructive feedback after the performance of their work in order to strengthen their approaches to writing and delivering their music to a live audience.

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