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Low End Theory

Take 1 Core Class + Access to All Legendary Guest Speakers + All Electives

  • 2,000 US dollars

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Core Classes RHYTHM & STYLE In this course students will learn fundamental rhythmic practices while studying the stylistic and technical approach to rap verses. RAP TECH Students will build on their knowledge from Rhythm & Style as this course takes a heavy focus on the fundamental practices when implementing writing techniques such as punchlines and wordplay devices. ADVANCED RHYTHM & STYLE In this course students will learn advanced rhythmic practices in rap verses and songwriting techniques in order to obtain a high level of versatility when writing Hip Hop music and other genres. ADVANCED TECHNIQUES In this course students will learn the science behind rap’s most intricate and complex writing methods while developing the skills needed to execute a myriad of different high level techniques designed to add depth to their writing skills in both the world of rap music and battle rap. THE RHYMECOLOGY SESSIONS This course guides students in learning how to express, dis- cover and recreate their stories through the use of Hip-Hop culture and rhyme. They will study legendary verses by emcees who intertwined emotional availability and self reflection into their writing. PENDULUM SONGWRITING Our monthly Songwriting class at Pendulum Ink will be taught by a songwriter who have amassed critical success as well as accolades in, around and outsider of the industry. Quentin Miller is our 2024 resident Songwriting Professor. Teaching responsibilities month by month, as he delves into the world of Chorus Crafting, Melody Composition, Riff Theory, Song Structure and Handling Writers Block.

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